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Board of Directors

Fran Killoway

Fran Killoway

Chairman and CEO

Greg Vale

Greg Vale

Executive Director

Thomas Reichert

Dr. Thomas Reichert

Non-Executive Director

Associates and Related Parties

Fran Killoway who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Aspirante Foundation is the majority indirect shareholder of Frasil Group Pty Limited (Frasil) which provides the Frasil App to applicants to the Aspirante Foundation. Donations to the Aspirante Foundation may be used to acquire software from Frasil. Frasil has entered into an agreement with the Aspirante Foundation where the Frasil App is sold to the Aspirante Foundation at a 12.5% discount to the market value of the Frasil App.

Financial Information

To date the Aspirante Foundation concentrated on activities of an in-kind nature without a focus on fundraising. Accordingly, only very small donations have been raised in the past.

The Aspirante Foundation is now entering into a new phase and will be more actively seeking donations in response to the demand for assistance for the acquisition of technology to improve a person’s life. The Aspirante Foundation will provide transparency of its fundraising and expenditure going forward.